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Scheduling new customers from the calendar screen using BLOCK Scheduling

Learn how to schedule new customers from the calendar screen using our block scheduling style.

- Navigate to the calendar screen and select the day you would like to schedule to pet



- Tap on the "+" in the bottom right-hand corner and select "Create New Customer"



- Enter the customer's name (first name, first and last name, or first name last initial) followed by a comma, then enter all pets separated by commas. Once you have added all pets, select "Done"



- Select "Go"



- Assign this dog a breed by tapping on "Dog" underneath the dog's name and selecting the dog's breed



- Select "Add Service" to pick the service(s) for the appointment and tap "Add 1 Service" to save this service before selecting "Next"



-Tap on the appointment time under your desired groomer (you can also drag and drop) and select the green check mark from the bottom right-hand corner



- Select "Confirm" 



- Tap "Add Phone" to add a number for schedule confirmations, appointment reminders, and ready-for-pick-up calls and texts for this customer and select which type of phone number you will be adding in order to add the customer phone number, then select "Done"add number


- Select "Send" to send the customer their schedule confirmation text message



If you have any questions about scheduling appointments, please reach out to support@groomer.io.