How to Request a Mass Text Message Campaign

See how Mass Message Campaigns can boost your revenue

Campaigns are a great tool that provides to help you reach your entire customer base at once. This can be used for Marketing, such as, "Book by the end of the month for a free Nail Trim." This can also be used in case of emergency or urgent announcements such as, "We will be closed until further notice"

You can create and request a campaign by logging onto the website at This is not found within the app.

Creating a mass message text campaign on

Campaign Title
This is for your records only. Customers do not see this within the text message.

Audience Settings:
All of the customer's in your system that have a cell phone number.

Hasn't been groomed since
This requires you to select a date. This will select all clients who have not had an appointment on file since this specified date.

Has appointments between
This requires you to select two dates. This selects clients who have appointments on record between the two dates supplied. The from date is inclusive and the to date is exclusive.

New Customers As Of
This requires one date. This selects clients who were added into your system after or on the selected date.

Zip Code
In all cases, you can supply a zip code. This will add another constraint to the previous audience selection that their address has to be within that zip code.

This is the text content that you want your clients to receive. Keeping the message short is key to the success of the campaign. If you do have a longer message contact support for additional options, such as redirecting to a landing page.

Include Online Booking URL
If checked, the message will have the URL appended at the end of the message. This is useful if the purpose of the message is to drum up business, which it often is.

Payment and submission
Once you select "Next" you will have the chance to approve the price of the campaign. You can always go back and adjust your audience to raise or lower the cost of the campaign. 
Once you select "Confirm and Pay" someone from the team will reach out to you to approve your message, and see what time you would like your message to be sent out. 


***PLEASE NOTE*** Campaigns do have to be reviewed by the team during business hours (Monday-Friday 7:30 AM PST- 4:30 PM PST). With that being said, if you need a campaign to be sent out during non-business hours, please be sure to have it submitted before the end of day on Friday so that we can get it scheduled to go out over the weekend. 

Tracking Your Campaign
You can always track the analytics for each campaign.

Mass message campaign tracking


If you have any questions or need support submitting your campaign, please reach out to